Capture the Flag

Winner 1st Runner up 2nd Runner up

CTF is an annual cyber security competition for students held in line with the Codefest competition. Competitors get a chance to showcase their ethical hacking and cyber security skills to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in a given platform to obtain flags. During the competition, each team will have to solve a series of challenges in a fast-paced setting. Each team can consist of a maximum of four members.

Name of the competition : ‘Hack Me If You Can 2024’ Capture The Flag (CTF) Tournament

Name of the Coordinator : Dr. Harinda Fernando

Duration : 8 hours

Competition Format:

  • Hack Me If You Can 2024 – Capture the flag competition, is the annual Capture The Flag (CTF) competition held in line with the Codefest tournament organized by SLIIT.
  • Each challenge has a goal, e.g. find a vulnerability, and extract the administrator’s password from website database.
  • Upon solving the challenge, team gets a flag — this can be a secret string such as CTF{Th1S_i5_T3h_R34l_m1C_ch3CK_f1A6}.
  • Team submits it in exchange for points. The team with most points, wins.