Coding Contest

Winner 1st Runner up 2nd Runner up
As part of SLIIT Codefest, Coding Primary Competition is an effort to empower the primary school student’s coding skills to a next level. The competition consists of two rounds and the top 5 teams will be selected for the final round. The winners will receive valuable cash prices and trophy plagues based on decisions made by a panel of judges. Team Size: Four members (4) Eligibility: The competition is open for secondary school students from Grade 1 – Grade 5. Each school can finalize up to 4 teams which consists of FOUR members per each team at the initial level of the competition. Technologies/ Syllabus: Information and Communication Technology related knowledge relevant to E-Learning application development concepts. Rules and Regulations:
  • A Team can have maximum FOUR members.
  • Teams can decide on any module that the student is having in the curriculum to develop the E-Learning application.
  • A winner and two runners-up team will be chosen by a panel of judges. The remaining two teams will be considered as Merit awards.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • The teacher-in-charge will be informed if the team is selected for final round.
Number of Rounds: The competition will be held in two rounds: Initial (round 1) and Final (round 2)
  • Round 1: All registered Teams are eligible
  • Round 2: Top 5 teams will be selected for final round

Submission link for the 1st Evaluation

Deadline is 15th December 2023.


School Name Member 01 Member 02 Member 03 Member 04 Teacher Name
CWW Kannangara Central college
Binaru Siriwardhana
Sethula Uhas Hettiarachchi
Chanugi Dahamsa Thrimanne
E.K. Binaya Semindi Thilakarathna
M.D.Tharindrie Perera
CWW Kannangara Central college
G.D.Vishwa Shan Galpaya
G.D.Induwara Thejan Galpaya
Thisansa Senuthmi Galatharaarachchi
P.L. Manidi Pahanya
M.D.Tharindrie Perera
CWW Kannangara Central college
W.W.M. Chenuka Bandara Wijesundara
H.V.Lisith Yasiru
W.D. Isuli Bihansa
K.D.Binodi Oshana Dinathmi
M.D.Tharindrie Perera
Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya
Methuli Devna Sumanaweera
A.A.C.T. Bandara
Sussex College, Kuliyapitiya