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Sri Lanka’s very first and only UI/UX based tertiary level competition. DESIGNTHON is one of the key competitions at SLIIT CODEFEST and is organized under the tertiary category to focus on enhancing the UI / UX design capabilities of undergraduates from state and private universities / institutes in Sri Lanka. The competition is held in two rounds. All the groups who fulfill the eligibility criteria will be qualified for the first round. The top 10 groups who will be selected from the first round will be qualified to compete at the final round. The best three groups will be awarded cash prizes. Team Size: Four members in a team Eligibility :
  • All the contestants of a group must be undergraduates from a state university or any other higher education institute in Sri Lanka.
  • All group members should be from the same university or institute.
  • There should be four members in the group.
Technologies : The competitors have the freedom to select the technologies. Rules and Regulations:
  • The team members who have registered and participated in the first round only will be allowed to be participated in the final round.
  • Team members cannot be replaced with new members once registered.
Please send your quaries (if any) to [email protected]

Initial Round Date To be announced
Problem definition The groups are expected to prepare and submit a video about a software system. Guidelines will be provided after the application closing date
Selection process Select the top 10 groups
Evaluation criteria Evaluation criteria will be published in the web site after the application closing date
Second Round DateTo be announced
Problem definition Groups are expected to participate in the 24-hour DESIGNTHON competition
Selection process Select the best 3 groups for the awards.
Evaluation criteria Evaluation criteria will be explained at the beginning of the competition
Special requirements (Optional)